Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds

by Steven Doyle

Each week we scour the city in search of the very best Dallas has to offer. We check into restaurants both old and new looking for interesting food to discuss with you so you can make handy decision when dining out.

We do not necessarily write up each item we enjoy, and often have photos that we will save for another week. However, we will share some of the most awe-inspiring dishes on Friday in what we like to call Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds.    

Walk with us as we share this week’s five.


An all-out craving for escargot led us to Nosh Euro Bistro where this simple dish comprised of large snails, butter and garlic went down well with champagne served by the glass. Other snacks we enjoyed this evening including a large bowl of fresh clams swimming in their broth and served with a side of bread to soak up the precious juices.

A trip to Hypnotic Donut is never complete without enjoying one of their mammoth chicken biscuits. This version was inspired by Creole Chef wunderkind DAT of the underground dinner fame. The supple biscuit lays gently with the large chicken breast coated with spiciness and love. Oh, they also spread on a man-load of sweet peach jam to make this biscuit go full circle with insanity. There are several other versions to choose from.

Damn you, Graham Dodds and your delicious triple fried potatoes. They are crisp on the outside and creamy as mashed potatoes in the center. The sprinkling of sea salt makes this a delicate balance of kick ass flavor-enhanced symphonic bellows and mysterious guttural moans. Shoot a few streams of vinegar for a taste that rivals any Englishman’s chippery. Go now to Central 214 and order away.

At the end of the month Craft Dallas shutters for good. We stopped back by for another visit this week just to weep and enjoy these amazing beignets. Soft and pillowy, crisp and firm, the beignets are a perfect ending to any meal you might find at Craft. You have but a few weeks to sample.

Spring Rolls are food of the gods. They are simple, healthy, and packed with flavor. These are actually called salad rolls and we went with the added shrimp option for a buck fifty more at Ginger Thai located on Forest Lane in North Dallas.

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  1. Nice selections, have to try those salad rolls. But the best is the photo at the top – I’ve never seen that one before.

    Thanks for sharing.

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