Same Sex Kiss Day At Chick Fil A

by Steven Doyle  Photos by Robert Bostick

With a political volley between those that support same sex marriage and those that are in opposition, Chick Fil A played the media like a fine violin. Days ago Mike Huckabee pronounced a Chick Fil A Day driving hordes of chicken sandwich eaters through each store in what many viewed as a vote against same sex marriage.     

Today political shots were fired back as nationally LGBT groups rallied at local Chick Fil A locations to make their statement by protesting peacefully, setting up kissing booths and picketing.

Whichever side of the issue you may stand, Chick Fil A CEO Dan Cathy wishes for you to know he will take his profits and funnel them to groups that have vowed to fight same sex marriage, to the tune of millions of dollars.

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We spoke to Cathy a year ago and he stated, “We know a lot of people on the Gay and Lesbian side of this issue that have been hurt deeply, and on many occasions. It is very regrettable.  I believe even those that believe in traditional family values have often have a harsh, a bitter and even an antagonistic spirit that is uncalled for”.

The CEO went on to say, “I am thankful for the opportunity to debate this issue but in a civil way.  At Chick Fil A our place in society is one of hospitality. We want to welcome all people. This debate is for the politicians and the families to have.  Our role is hospitality, and that is something you roll out to everybody”.

It would appear that Cathy had a change of heart.



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5 responses to “Same Sex Kiss Day At Chick Fil A

  1. CDG

    I applaud CEO Cathy. Finally, somebody with public stature has the courage and publicly take a stand on this side of the issue. Can’t wait to donate.

  2. NoName

    What do you mean he had a change of heart? Standing up for marriage as God intended it to be doesn’t mean the company he runs can’t serve and even love people from all walks. Just because he thinks homosexual relationships are not the best for someone or for our society doesn’t mean he doesn’t have compassion and love for those who walk that path.

    Just because he said these discussions should be left out of business doesn’t mean his personal beliefs changed.

    I don’t think he had a change of heart at all. As Jesus did, he always loved all people, but gently suggests that God’s ways are sometimes, and often, much higher than ours.

  3. Jim McClure

    Steve, I’m disappointed that you didn’t even mention one large motivation many people showed up to support CFA on Wednesday. Among the calls for boycotts, when multiple city officials stated their intention to restrict CFA business in their cities in response to Cathy’s beliefs (which he stated when answering a direct question), it was viewed by many as those individuals using their positions to impose punishment on someone who’s personal and religious beliefs they disagreed with. I was actually looking forward to seeing a piece on here about the droves that came out Wednesday (seemed newsworthy to most people), but sadly didn’t see one, nor do I even see any pictures of it as part of this piece.

  4. Charles

    I see how Cathy either lied to avoid bad publicity a year ago or had an honest change of heart. He stated that this was not his issue to debate all the while he was funding organizations that have been deemed antigay and hateful. He even started his very own.

    I also think Cathy used all this to pad his bottom line. Nothing wrong with that but too bad he had to do this on the backs of a protected group. Shameful. Makes me want to hate christians but I dont hate.

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