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Best Restaurants For Fried Chicken In Dallas 2021

chickenby Steven Doyle

We love our fried chicken and have been seeking out the very best Dallas has to offer. We scoured the streets and found some with an ethnic twist, others are straight forward crispy fried and juicy.

We had to eliminate a few that didn’t qualify as traditional, such as Bon Mua’s fried Cornish hen, which is still worth making the drive to Carrollton.  In making our list we were shocked at how many plates of fried chicken we had sampled over the past months. Col Sanders would have said he was too drunk to taste that chicken after just a few of these places.

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Ali Weighs In On Her Chicken Biscuit At Hypnotic

DSC04813by Ali Kay Hammer    photos by Steven Doyle

Editor’s Note: Earlier this month Ali married a beer. Just yesterday we announced that the young cheese monger had created a biscuit for Hypnotic Donuts using some fun, local ingredients. Today Ali sends word on how this all came about, and her thoughts on the process of creating the biscuit. The story was far too fun not to share with our audience, so find her words below. If you tried her biscuit and wish to offer comments, send her your cheers (or jeers) in comments. Having personally tasted the biscuit in question, I know you will all love this.

When James and Amy asked me to do a guest spot for January, they had no idea what they were getting in to, or maybe they did! I’m no chef, or cook, or any of that by any means. I’m simply an advocate for doing things that make you happy. For me, it’s easy. I like great food and I like to laugh, all of which I learned from my dad.

When I’m able to expose someone to the things I enjoy most and it brings a smile to their face, it makes everything I do worthwhile. Life is too short to not be ridiculous, and this biscuit is a reflection of just that. Go big or go home, I say! Let’s take it the extra mile, put MORE CHEESE on that; heck, throw some bacon on it too.  Continue reading

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Same Sex Kiss Day At Chick Fil A

by Steven Doyle  Photos by Robert Bostick

With a political volley between those that support same sex marriage and those that are in opposition, Chick Fil A played the media like a fine violin. Days ago Mike Huckabee pronounced a Chick Fil A Day driving hordes of chicken sandwich eaters through each store in what many viewed as a vote against same sex marriage.      Continue reading


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Happy Hour At Sissy’s Is Southern Fried Fun

by Steven Doyle

Happy hour yesterday was all about Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar as the staff there rolled out their new cocktail menu. Big hits for the night included the Tea Thyme  which is made up of Belvedere Lemon Tea Vodka, Thyme, Lemon Tea Vodka, Lemon and Honey, and the Colonel Sanders which is a healthy dose of Maker’s 46, Benedictine and Orange Bitters.

Tea Thyme is a sweeter concoction, but still a heady cocktail that creeps up on the unsuspecting soul. The Colonel Sanders is plucking good and stops you in your tracks with a smooth finish. The colonel himself would order at least three.           Continue reading


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