Food Photos From The Homefront

You always see the latest dishes from the pros now let’s see yours!  Show us what’s being served at the table closest to home.

Vegan dishes by Aubrie Wills

Here’s a picture of the dinner I made the other night. I’ve recently gone vegan and this was my first (very successful) attempt to cook a full on vegan meal for my boyfriend and I.

I made quinoa and black bean burgers with sun-dried tomatoes, topped it with a bunch of veggies and eggplant bacon! Yes, bacon has been the thing I’ve greatly missed since going vegan… and I got this recipe for eggplant bacon and was VERY impressed. Sides included coconut red lentils, breaded zucchini and avocado-potato salad.

Also attached is my lunch yesterday– Vegan Veggie pizza with a beet hummus spread! Just got a whole wheat pizza crust, topped it with beet hummus sprinkled on some almond cheese and then topped it with a bunch of veggies (yellow peppers, squash, cucumber, red onion, and cilantro).

If you’ve got something cooking in the kitchen and like to show it off, send a photo and a brief description to


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