Pyles And McCallister “Water Into Wine”

by Steven Doyle  photos by Robert Bostick

This past Monday the alpha team of Stephan Pyles and Matt McCallister were back in the kitchen, knife-to-knife, cooking for a special dinner to benefit 5,000 families in the community of Chizavane, Mozambique. All the proceeds raised will bring water to the village and save lives by building a well that will bring life-giving water to these families.

Both chefs are busily preparing to opening their own respective restaurants but still took the time to come together in this joint benefit at Stephan Pyle’s namesake restaurant located on Ross in downtown Dallas.

You can help with this project by adding the charity on Facebook.

Here are some of the dishes captured by our photographer, Robert Bostick.


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  1. It is always refreshing to see people use their talent and skill to help others. Thanks for posting this. I like how you have a sense of community with your blog. Keep it up!

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