Beat The Heat Contest At Hypnotic

by Steven Doyle

You must give the folks at Hypnotic some props. They know how to promote their product well and they make a mean donut. Today we are sent word that they are hosting a donut eating contest, but with a kick.

To win this contest you need to eat the most donuts in 10 minutes, but there is a catch. As each donut is presented to the contestant it gets spicier and spicier – to the point of extreme. The winner receives the distinction of being the first to win the inaugural competition and a free Mexico donut each week through the end of 2012.  

To enter the contest you merely need to pay a $10 fee and show up August 25, 2012 at 1pm.  You may enter via email or at the shop located at 9007 Garland Rd in beautiful East Dallas.

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