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Fat Straws Lunar New Year Donut Pop-Up

Fat Straws Pandan Coconut Donuts 3

Fat Straws, the bubble tea concept known for its boba tea and chewy puff donuts (formerly known as mochi donuts) is featuring a limited time chewy puff donut for the Lunar New Year.

The festive red and gold donuts will be available Fridays through Sundays at all four Fat Straws locations starting tomorrow, January 17 – February 8. The donuts can also be pre-ordered in limited quantities. Continue reading


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Five Unusual King Cakes That Are a Real Thing

kingby Steven Doyle

In the past we have extolled the virtues of a particular cake that should be served during this special time of year and is found at Village Baking Company, but we know the inner-partier in you wants something more colorful, more lurid, glittering and borderline bilious. We know the King Cake that you are seeking, and we found a few that you may not be totally aware existed. We have a list.

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Beat The Heat Contest At Hypnotic

by Steven Doyle

You must give the folks at Hypnotic some props. They know how to promote their product well and they make a mean donut. Today we are sent word that they are hosting a donut eating contest, but with a kick.

To win this contest you need to eat the most donuts in 10 minutes, but there is a catch. As each donut is presented to the contestant it gets spicier and spicier – to the point of extreme. The winner receives the distinction of being the first to win the inaugural competition and a free Mexico donut each week through the end of 2012.   Continue reading

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Hypnotic Donuts Inviting Guest Chefs For Month of July

by Steven Doyle

We love Hypnotic Donuts in East Dallas. They are so fresh, original and fun. In the month of July they play to get even more playful by inviting different chefs into the bakery to play. The first chef will be underground wizard David Anthony Temple. It will be interesting to see what the wunderkind comes up with at hypnotic. Guest chefs will start in July.


photo lifted from Hypnotic’s facebook

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