Boulevardier Elevates The Beignet

by Steven Doyle

It’s deep fried choux paste. It’s basically a donut but so much more worth the calories that are at stake. The lighter-than-air ethereal dough balls are a perfect start to a day, or the end of a fantastic meal. The beignet is as versatile as it is delicious.

Last evening I happened into Boulevardier for a small bite and to try a few items on the new restaurants menu. Sitting at the bar I zeroed in on a few items that screamed out “eat me”. So I did.            

Boulevardier makes not only a sweet beignet, but a savory version as well.

First the Crawfish Beignet’s served with a smoked pimento aioli and pickled Barking Cat Farm peppers. The beignets were so light, so puffy, and so perfect. One order is enough for two, but you might brawl for the last one.

Try this dish with one of the house specialty cocktails such as the Smash de la Saison, which is an alcohol forward concoction of rye whiskey, shaved ice, a mixture of seasonal fruits and mint. In a time when so many cocktails border on extremely sweet, you will find none of that mess at Boulevardier.

Then you might try the sweet version of the beignet that is surrounded by wafts of fresh Texas peaches. A happy ending indeed.

408 N Bishop Ave, Oak Cliff
(214) 942-1828

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