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Dallas! Celebrate The Beignet With Us

cafe du mondeby Steven Doyle

What is made up of butter, flour, water and eggs, piped into several shapes for a variety of uses, and made most famous by our friends at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans? It is, of course, this special dough which brings us delicious pastries, both sweet and savory, such as eclairs, cream puffs,  profiteroles, croquembouches,  French crullers,  and Indonesian kue sus, dumplings. In the case of Cafe du Monde, choux is also responsible for the beignet, that wonderful little bit of fried dough that we typically dump a crazy amount of confectioner’s sugar onto and devour without remorse alongside a steaming cup of coffee.

There are more than a few versions of the beignet in Dallas, and bring you some of the best.     Continue reading

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Boulevardier Elevates The Beignet

by Steven Doyle

It’s deep fried choux paste. It’s basically a donut but so much more worth the calories that are at stake. The lighter-than-air ethereal dough balls are a perfect start to a day, or the end of a fantastic meal. The beignet is as versatile as it is delicious.

Last evening I happened into Boulevardier for a small bite and to try a few items on the new restaurants menu. Sitting at the bar I zeroed in on a few items that screamed out “eat me”. So I did.             Continue reading

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