Do Not Confuse Snookies With Snooki

by Steven Doyle

A few weeks back we mentioned that the Snookies Bar and Grill in Carrollton would soon be replaced with a Liberty Burger. However the Oak Lawn location in Dallas is bustling along at break-neck speeds, and the mere mention of the restaurant-bar made us lose control recently and we had to pay our respects.

The chicken fried steak has always been a mainstay at Snookies, and we heard legend of the chicken wings, so that is what we ordered.  

Please do not confuse this restaurant with the sad Jersey Shore train wreck, Snooki. Besides the ability to load up on a lot of beer and similar sounding names, there is no doppelganger here.

What you will find is a cool, dark atmosphere from a time almost forgotten. No bright lights to distract. Snookies is not a scene. This is strictly a no douchebag paradise and you are all the better for this achievement. Snookies is very much old school.

The CFS is ever bit is fantastic as we recalled. Inexpensive, and smothered in a rich creamy gravy that will send you into cholesterol overload. But then again we do not order fried meats for their health benefits.

Nor do we order chicken wings to ward off evil heart conditions. These wings are crispy, naked and smothered in a spicy hot sauce that wields the power  to shake off evil spirits. The crunchy crudité is provided to fend off your friends from devouring your portion of the wings, and to keep your girlfriend busy while you suffer through several levels of spiced up tears from the heat of the sauce.

You miss Snookies as much as we do. No one will miss Snooki.


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