Win A Pair Of Tickets To Untapped Beer Festival Pouring September 8th

by Steven Doyle

Have you made your plans to attend the Untapped Beer Festival in the new Trinity Groves area of West Dallas on September 8, 2012? If you have not purchased your tickets yet you are falling dangerously close to missing out on the event altogether. We spoke to one of the organizers at The Common Table, Cory Pond who is also a beer man about town, and he told craveDFW that the VIP tickets were nearly depleted and the regular admission tickets will soon be gone as well.     

Now is your time to act swiftly my beer drinking friends. This will be one amazing festival, the likes never seen in Dallas. If you do not recall the line up here is a short list of brews:

Dogfish , Avery, Ommegang, Oskar Blues, Deschutes, Brooklyn, Alaskan, St. Arnold, Stone, Green Flash, Deep Ellum Brewing Co, Ballast Point, Boulevard, 512, Breckenridge,  Chimay, D’Achouffe, Duvel, Franconia, Full Sail, Harpoon, Lagunitas, Lakewood Brewing, Left Coast, Left Hand, Liefman’s, Maredsous, Maui, New Belgium, North Coast, Peticolas Brewing, Rahr, Real Ale, Palm, Rodenbach, Sam Adams, Schneider, Shmaltz, Sierra Nevada, Original Sin, Twisted Pine, Victory, Widmer, St. Feuillie and Ranger Creek.

Beer just tastes better with a few tunes and there is a tremendous line up of indie music including the Givers, The Antlers, Akron/Family, Burning Hotels, David Dondero and Fish Fry Bingo.

VIP tickets are being sold that will allow beer nerds to gain access to the event one hour before the general public. VIP also allows for in and out access, as opposed to general admission which is a one-time entry for the day which will start at 11am for VIP and last on into the evening and finally wrapping up at 10pm. General admission opens at 1pm.

VIP tickets are available for $60 and general admission cost $30. You can purchase all tickets here.

We are offering a chance to win a pair of Beer Admission Tickets which will give one lucky winner a chance to taste a dozen beers plus an event glass, but you might want to think about just buying a set today before it is too late.  We will award these tickets on Friday of this week. To enter, make a beer slurred comment below. We will enter you twice if you can give a brief commentary on one of the beers mentioned.



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30 responses to “Win A Pair Of Tickets To Untapped Beer Festival Pouring September 8th

  1. It’s only 4 o’clock so this will have to be a coffee slurred comment… but, I’m a big fan of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Their seasonal stuff is great, but I’m always more than content with their original… just open a bottle and pour into a nice glass and enjoy on a balcony, or in a room, or under a bridge, or on the moon… wherever, really.

    • katherine pierce

      I love beer and have had the pleasure of trying many of the beers being offered at the beerfest. I am excited to try the ones I have not yet had like the Ommegang.

  2. Daniela

    Me, me,
    me please!
    Arrogant Bastard Ale is my absolute favorite! and at 7.2% alcohol content it doesn’t take many to start feeling the kick.

  3. Edward Harvey

    I’m Slurred!!!

  4. Jim Knifong

    Love that Velvet Hammer from Peticolas!

  5. Bryan

    I love the maltiness (is that a word?) of Velvet Hammer. I’ve downed many a pint at Strangeways.

  6. Britt

    I hear Sam Adams travels Full Sail across the Left Coast with his Left Hand, while yelling RAHR!

  7. Casey Bowles

    Ermehgerd I love beer. And you guys.

  8. Kim M.

    I raise a glass to Green Flash.

  9. Nic


  10. Susan Watkins

    PLEASE PLEASE pick me,it’s my birthday tomorrow:)

  11. Hic!! Meeee pleeeeaassseeee! I really want to try the beers from Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and take my wife on a fun date.

  12. Meee please! I want to surprise my husband and this would be great. He loves Dogfish beer!

  13. MaMa Jo

    Let it be me…..oh let it be ME!!!! So need to get out of Denton & a night out in Dallas…..with non other than my red-headed spunky daughter of course and 1000 bottles of beer on the wall.

  14. Susan

    I really should be going. Okay, maybe just one more beer….

    Pecan Porter and Devil’s Backbone are super fine beers from 512. I’ve toured the brewery and every beer I’ve ever tasted from them has been amazing.

  15. Jordan

    I love me some beer. Gonna tear up some hop devil, lil sumpin sumpin and anything 512 has if I get tickets.

  16. Brent Burpee

    Please pick me. I just moved to the DFW area. I love beer and I would the opportunity to try local brews.

  17. Stephanie

    I would have a slurred beer response after two beers…I pick Maui and something random. I love Maui lager..reminds me of one of my favorite places. The hubs would love this surprise!

  18. iampurewest

    D’Ashooooof! Das Boooooooot! Arm druhnk…..

  19. TJ Linson

    Much to my Chimay I drank a Schmaltz and got the Deschutes. Ommegang the Duvel made me do it. Beer Me Untapped Beer Festival. A great list of delicious brews

  20. dan richardson

    I love good beer. I will be there


  22. Jeanie

    Deep Ellum Brewing co, has lotts of yummy beer!!!

  23. Matt

    Dallas brewers are doing some amazing things. But if you want a totally awesome beer experience, head to Escodido, CA and checkout Stone brewery!! When Deep Ellum, Peticolas or Lakewood Brewing can put something like that together, the Dallas brew seen will get even awesomer!!

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