Bowery Has A New And Improved Menu

by Steven Doyle

There seems to be no stopping this hot dog movement in Dallas and we have our favorites, but this list is expanding to include some different takes on what can be an extremely pedestrian food. Soon there will be a large handful of hot doggeries scattered across the Metroplex, and the chef-driven dog is a true stand out.

When Bowery first opened on McKinney Avenue it had its share of difficulties, but many of these issues have been met with decisive action and Bowery is back on course. Today there is a new menu which leaves the better selling dogs intact and the addition of a few new items, including a pretty solid burger.  

The hot dog itself has been reworked to give a great snap which is tell-tale of a house-made wiener.

Yesterday we checked out much of the menu at Bowery and were left with an overall impression that the restaurant is growing into its own. We still had a few challenges such as the lack of a coffeemaker, but the overall impression was excellent. Hot dog excellent.

The most exciting dog on the menu is still the Croque Madame which is laden with a béchamel, ham, Swiss cheese and a fried egg – and of course a snappy wiener. The ingredients meld into a giant flavor bomb that for eight bucks makes for a delicious lunch or dinner.

The Banh Mi still needs some improvement. Although beautiful, the sandwich still lacks the punch of the exacting flavor profile of an actual Banh Mi. The hoisin sauce was undetectable, and we should have been offered a bottle of the reliable rooster sauce (Sriracha). I might actually substitute the bun for one with a bit more crunch and laceration that is associated with a proper Banh Mi. The saving grace was the delicious pork sausage that was big and meaty.

The truly surprising dog of the day was The Mac. As its name would suggest, this dog has a respectable dose of mac and cheese jammed on top with plenty of bacon shards and chives. The wiener would give a nudge to the top with each bite to remind you that this is not a side dish, but rather a really good hot dog.

Another happy dish at Bowery was the basket of kale chips. The kale was shredded and fried, then ever-so-gently kissed with lemon, salt and pepper. The chips are addictive with some essence of healthiness even though they are deep fried.

The burgers are all made with tender and flavorful Waygu beef, and were cooked to a juicy perfection. Our burger was hippied out with guacamole and sprouts. The burger is extremely satisfying.

We also enjoyed the trio of house-made lemonades that were punched up with ginger mint or honey vanilla. These were all light and refreshing without an annoying sweetness which might be expected.

Next trip to Bowery I will be checking out the chili dog and their version of the corn dog, which is made with a grits-style cornmeal. That should be a powerhouse.


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