The Hall Collection At The Texas Sculpture Garden In Frisco

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I had the good fortune to visit the Hall Collection at the Texas Sculpture Garden located in Frisco at the Hall Financial Group Headquarters. My tour was hosted by Kristina Hall Hahsler, the collection manager and daughter of Craig and Kathryn Hall. You might recognize Kathryn from her Napa Valley wine label, and as former ambassador to Austria.

Craig Hall began collecting art early in his teen years, purchasing what he could afford. Today Hall’s collection is comprised of hundreds of pieces, some commissioned by him for the sculpture garden. “Art is good for the soul. It nurtures the spirit and inspires the imagination,” says Hall. “It makes me happy to see families strolling the grounds outside my office window and looking at the art. Art makes us think and helps us appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and the unique nature of our times.”  


Each piece at the sculpture garden located at the 6801 Gaylord office park is uniquely Texan. This is home to 41 prominent Texas artists and is the largest private collection of contemporary Texas sculpture ever assembled and on display at no cost.

The sculpture trail is full of winding trails, lush landscaping lakes and fountains, which makes for an exciting afternoon stroll exploring the grounds.  There are also important pieces inside the lobby of the office park which prove especially whimsical.

4 Ravens Nevermore Barrington

As Kristina toured us through the grounds she appeared nearly breathless as she interpreted each piece, which made her adoration for the gardens obvious.


Especially interesting was Farmers Branch artist Eliseo Garcia’s piece titled Maternal Caress which displayed a mother and child in bond looking outward to their future.

Another artist close to the Dallas area that is featured in the Hall collection is Oak Cliff Artist Isaac Smith. When Smith was growing up in Louisiana eh would hunt with his father. After shooting an animal he would spend time studying the artistry of his prey in great fascination.  Today he hunts for branches and stumps that might later reveal an occasional saber-toothed tiger, rattlesnake or this panther that is now on display at the sculpture garden.

Maternal Caress

Isaac Smith - Panther

A wistful walk through the gardens in Frisco can bring a sense of joy and appreciation for our local artists. I wish to extend my gratitude to the Hall family for sharing this with each visitor.


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