Pizzeria Testa Is Screaming Good Pizza

DSC04068by Steven Doyle

The Neapolitan pizza craze continues to burn through the DFW area. The pizza is different, to be sure, but we have embraced this style which began with the first VPN certified pizzeria in Texas, Cavalli, which began its pie making in Irving.

Today DFW has a smattering of pretty fantastic Neapolitan pizzerias including the freshly opened Pizzeria Testa Napoletana Restaurant in Frisco which is owned by Rod Schaefer. Schaefer’s mother comes from a long line of Italian pizza makers. In fact the Testa family was once considered the royal pizza makers for the King of Naples.



Today Schaefer has his restaurant that is managed by Brian Webster, and cheffed by an Italian import, Michele (pronounced Mi-kay-la) who has been making this style of pizza all of his life.

Neapolitan is best consumed on premises and within minutes of baking in the 900 degree domed oven that was custom made in Italy. However, at testa they can prepare you pie for the road and give explicit instructions on how to  gently heat the pizza at home. Pies bought for home dining are never sliced to keep the integrity of the pizza intact. For this reason you are supplied with a professional pizza cutter to keep.




Testa is also home to the only meter-long pizzas, which are amazing. These pies come two ways, one is simply a Margherita that is laced with San Marzano tomatoes, basil, and extra virgin olive oil. The second is the Metro Mista which is divided into four quarters according to the imagination of the Pizzaioli. This pizza will have the best ingredients of the day.

Pizzeria Teta Napoletana
8660 Chruch St, Frisco




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  1. The pizzeria looks Pizzeria Testa enough for me. I also like dosa and idli combo when there is no Sambar or Chutney. I even like it with hot mango pickle :).

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