Win This: TurboBlend VS From VitaMix

vm-turboblendby Steven Doyle

VitaMix is synonymous with quality kitchen gear. Chef’s crave the handy utensil which makes marvelous soups and sauces, and makes haste with all your blending needs. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or turning over a new raw, vegan, or vegetarian leaf, the TurboBlend VS is just the tool for you. Easily create a new variety of dishes with tremendous flavor and nutrition, from Tropical Avocado Salsa to Chocolate Dream Pie.

64-ounce container quickly processes whole-food smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, and more. The filtration bag is perfect for juicing, sprouting, and preparing nut milks.

We are offering one very lucky craveDFW reader the TurboBlend VS which is valued at $449.00 as our gift of the day as we count down to Christmas Eve. Tell us what you desperately want to make with this amazing high powered blending wonder. We will choose a commenter at random Friday, December 14, 2012. You will have this gift just in time for Christmas.



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53 responses to “Win This: TurboBlend VS From VitaMix

  1. Alyson

    I want to make a chipotle butternut squash bisque for Christmas Eve with my new VitaMix!

  2. LuAnn Bergman

    Since I have been a sicky since March and everyone keeps telling me that I need to detox and do the juice thing this would be a perfect start to feeling better!

  3. I would like to make a special cranberry cocktail with my new Vitamix.

  4. Stephanie

    I NEED this! Fingers crossed!

  5. susan

    OMG,no one wants a Vitamix more than I do! If I won this I would make every vegan dish under the sun.

  6. kevin

    What WOULDN’T i make with this. I would make all my friends jealous, that’s for sure! Sauces, soups, dips, drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!

  7. Rebecca S

    Please randomly choose me! I need this to start juicing so I can live.

  8. April Barney

    I would use make corn chowder like Sharon showed me over the summer our crappy blenders at the school can’t break down a cob like a vitamix and I wk for DISD so crappy blenders it is lol

  9. Daniela

    My juicing habit needs this!! Plus I could make yummy food!

  10. giantsis

    Is it sad that I just want to make an awesome milk shake? Yum!

  11. Mary

    The vegan lemon cheesecake smoothie or the pistachio ice cream kale shake from Blender Girl. My poor, old blender just doesn’t cut it for anything other than a basic milk shake…

  12. Lisa A. Lanier

    I need a Vitamix, so I can turn over a new leaf next year and use all the Herbalife I got last fall to improve my health and vitality. It would also be good for me to use for new recipes. I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and learn new recipes and get out of my cooking rut.

  13. I have no idea what I would make, but this gadget would inspire me to make something good!

  14. angela


  15. bob i

    I would love to win this…..we see the demo and want it, but can not part with the cash. I would make the ice cream that is made out of all veggies and actually taste great.

  16. My organic garden greens overfloweth and I can’t wait to use them in some high octane smoothies!

  17. WOW, my wife asked for 1 for Xmas. This would be perfect!!

    We really like fruit smoothies for breakfast. This would make that process much easier and save us some time in the morning.

    Additionally, we like trying homemade soups and sauces for dinner. What a help this VitaMix would provide.

  18. Christian

    A super-badass bloody mary!!

  19. Joe Biggs

    I would make fruit smoothies, fresh pesto, shrimp bisque, and wild mushroom soup. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome machine. I get it rubbed in my face every year at the state fair, that I don’t have $500 to spend on kitchen equipment. I hope this contest remedies this.

  20. Bryan

    I’ve been ogling this baby for awhile now. Honestly, the thing I want it for the most is to make New Mexico red chile sauce for enchiladas. You can make the sauce with other blenders, but you have to strain out the bits of skin afterwards. With this bad boy, it obliterates any trace of skin, leaving a silky-smooth sauce.

    And that’s just one thing of many! I’m also thinking of all the amazing craft cocktails that could be made with this. I wonder if I could use it to make a big batch of Pisco Sour? Hmm….

  21. Steve M.

    I would use this wonderful piece of machinery to create wonderful spice rubs and sauces – toasted pumpkin seed pesto, chile oils, chili rubs for grilling. I guess the list could go on and on – but this would be an awesome addition to our kitchen.

  22. Twinkle L.

    I’d really love to make my own nut milk (ha!) and cashew cream, as well my own hot sauce. My blender/food processor combo appliance bit the dust a couple of months ago and I miss it so much. A Vitamix would be the ultimate replacement and a much-valued asset in the kitchen.

  23. Sofie T

    I’d love this for soups & sauces!

  24. Landy

    Summer-margaritas, salsa, chilled strawberry gazpacho, corn puree, tomato-basil soup
    Fall-pumpkin soup, butternut squash puree, apple sauce, cranberry sauce
    Winter-tom and jerry’s, white bean soup, persimmon-yuzu vinaigrette
    Spring- chilled english pea and mint soup, carrot-ginger puree, quick fire mojitos

  25. I would make smoothies, soups, and even ice cream! I’ve been wanting a Vitamix for years!

  26. Greg

    All those fruits I froze over the summer are dying to be made into a smoothie, but my current piece of garbage blender can’t handle the frozen berries. Also, things with booze. But I swear, it’s mainly for the berries. Honest.

  27. Kirby

    Soups in the winter, cocktails in the summer and smoothies all year long

  28. jerimy holt

    Soups. And sauces. I have always wanted one of these for my house

  29. AJB

    I would make my foie gras Pana cotta with Riesling gelee and keep going from there. The next use would be for summer cool fruit or veggie terrines .Also would use it for the softer ingredients used in charcuterie. My pumpkin soup with chanterelles and hazelnuts would become silk because of it.

  30. Cara

    What an awesome giveaway! I would make vegan cream cheese or vegan nacho cheese and have a way to eat raw foods. Plus I would make my own gluten free flour!

  31. Peter H.

    I would make many pureed root vegetables. Alot of bubble tea smoothies since im addicted to those

  32. Trista Granberry

    I make myself a healthy smoothie/shake every morning and keep going thru blenders. I’d love to have something that could really handle the frozen fruit. Plus, I’d really like to try the juicing process.

  33. Sarah

    My son’s blender died this year, so I was looking at getting a Vitamix for myself to make soups (like butternut squash), sauces (like poblano cream), powdered sugar, and smoothies (like mango-banana-pineapple) and give him my old blender.

  34. Steven,

    It’s Stefani. If I win this Vitamix blender, I am going to make romesco sauces, pesto, etc. I am moving to a new house so this would be very useful to me!!!!

  35. the mouse

    Never win anything so lets end the streak with Vitamix.

  36. Eric


  37. acrow

    Adult milkshakes

  38. TJP

    Blended juice.

  39. Peri


  40. Rho

    Send me that blender and I’ll make you all Frozen Hot Chocolates! Spiked? Sure, why not!!!

  41. Hummus for days! Also, tons of smoothies. Nomz.

  42. Meg gehlert

    thank you so much for this opportunity (even if i dont win i know it will bless some one!) i’d enjoy making my rubs for the kale chips i make, smoothies, and baby food! meg

  43. serena dang

    Avocado smoothie! Have been wanting to try this but I don’t have a good blender to get the desired texture.

  44. Michael

    Like any commercial kitchen, the first thing I would do is lose the plunger.

  45. Bill Ritter

    i like the recipes at bolsa mercado so would try to play off those – greens with pineapples and a jalapeno kicker!!!

  46. There can only be one winner and today it is one called ‘the mouse’. An email is on its way with instructions how to claim your prize. Look for more cool appiance gifts before Christmas!

  47. Treven Crutchfield

    Roasted butternut squash soup with some Jimmys sausage sprinkled on top!

  48. Arianna Freyre

    I want to make some tasty juices and amazing soups!

  49. leah

    Mole! I’m a fierce lover of chillies and would blend MegaBatches of them every day if I had this tool!

  50. Michelle

    I went to a dinner party a few months ago where a strawberry ice cream made in a vitamix was served and it was delicious! The shocking part was that it was made with tomatoes and it was impossible to detect in the final product…..the best possible way to get your veggies 😉 I would love to try my hand at this and other delicious healthy recipes.

  51. Leslie B

    I want to make everything in it! My favorite thing to make for breakfast is a smoothie. It’s a great way to sneak in some veggies! My blender is breaking from using it so much so this would be a HUGE blessing. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  52. Kellie Thompson

    I would love to make soups, and more soups, that is all that I am able to eat right now, so it would be a godsend to be able to make many more varieties so easily

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