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Value Christmas Wines Bring Holiday Cheer


With Christmas just weeks away, the 2017 holiday season is coming to a close. No holiday party would be complete without wine bottles with festive holiday wine labels. Here are our top wines for Christmas dinner, a holiday holiday party or simply to just to fill your wine glass! Whether your big celebration falls on Christmas Eve, Christmas day or anywhere in between, being around family and those who matter most to you is what it is all about. But, don’t forget to celebrate with some great tasting food and wine. Luckily there are some great Christmas themed bottles to make any table complete! We recommend a few fabulous bottles of wine and beer, as well as a traditional holiday cocktail recipe that are pure Christmas cheer.   Continue reading

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Kate Weiser To Host Pop Up Chocolate Shop At Anatole Starting Today

kate2by Steven Doyle

You remember Kate Weiser who will soon be opening up shop in Trinity Groves. She is the extremely talented chocolatier who’s eponymous shop will spring into action after the first of the year when more restaurants open up on the north side of the Trinity Groves strip, facing the event venue 3015.

However Kate will be busy this holiday season knocking down some chocolate at various pop up locations. Kate designed a special pop up that will be a virtual movable feast. You can find her, and her special brand of chocolates, for sale at the Hilton Anatole this weekend.   Continue reading

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Win This: A Basket Of Gift Cards

itsa wonderfulby Steven Doyle

As we continue our holiday gifting frenzy we want to wish everyone a safe, happy weekend. Today we go crazy with our gift, something we know everyone can use. Gift cards continue to be the rage and we have been sitting on a few cards for a few months waiting for this day.

For a mere mention of holiday wishes, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or any other occasion, we offer several gift cards. Check out what we have today:   Continue reading


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Win This: TurboBlend VS From VitaMix

vm-turboblendby Steven Doyle

VitaMix is synonymous with quality kitchen gear. Chef’s crave the handy utensil which makes marvelous soups and sauces, and makes haste with all your blending needs. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or turning over a new raw, vegan, or vegetarian leaf, the TurboBlend VS is just the tool for you. Easily create a new variety of dishes with tremendous flavor and nutrition, from Tropical Avocado Salsa to Chocolate Dream Pie. Continue reading


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