Celebrate 12/12/12 Day With 12 Dishes We Want In Our Belly

mr-creosote1by Steven Doyle

To celebrate the unique date today, 12/12/12, we wish to bring you our list of twelve fantastic things we want to put in our bellies today. This is a difficult list to procure, and we had to leave off so many we enjoy, but these are of particular joy. The list is in no particular order.

soup kings noodles

Kings Noodles Roast Beef Noodle Soup

pie malai

Malai Kitchen’s  Coconut Pie

laquered duck 560

Five Sixty’s Laquered Duck

kadu nora

Nora’s Kadu

elotes el si hay

El Si Hay Elotes

dosa dosa truck

Dosa Food Truck’s Dosa

burger offsite

Off-Site Kitchen  Do It Murph Style Burger


Caprino Royale Texas Bloombonnet goat cheese

aslaskan halibut w foie spoon

Spoon’s Alaskan Halibut with Foie

artichoke jojo

JoJo Eating House Artichoke with Large Lump Crab Ceviche

burrata dough

Dough Burrata


TJ’s Seafood Market Lobster Roll

photo: Mr Creosote from Meaning of Life.



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2 responses to “Celebrate 12/12/12 Day With 12 Dishes We Want In Our Belly

  1. That lump crab ceviche is very enticing

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