Private Social 3rd Saturday Luncheon Features Duck Fat Fried Chicken

ps1by Steven Doyle

We listed Tiffany Derry’s duck fat fried chicken as one of the best trends of 2012, and now you have a chance to taste all you care to eat of the stuff this Saturday, December 15, 2012 from noon to three in the afternoon.    

Private Social is not normally open for lunch or brunch, but this is part of Tiffany’s ongoing third Saturday lunch special she hosts. Included in the luncheon each guest will get ample duck fat fried chicken, green beans, dirty rice, and potato salad for $20 per person. Barman Rocco will be pouring Mai-Tai-Dings, a specialty cocktail for the holidays.

This is a marvelous lunch that is priced just right, plus you get to meet Tiffany Derry who is the Dallas beauty who was on Season 7 of Top Chef.



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