Big Texas Beer Fest April 6 – Win A Pair Of Tickets!

beerby Steven Doyle

Chad and Nellie Montgomery are very well known in North Texas as a few of the foremost authorities on beer. The couple are also behind the Big Texas Beer Fest that they will be hosting the April 6, 2013. Last year was the first run for the event and it was an incredible success, selling out in record time, leaving many thirsty beer nerds at the gate wanting a few sips of the finest beers found in Texas and across the country.

There have been major improvements this year and the Montgomery’s have been actively working the 2013 event the day after the 2012 version ended.  Food trucks were used last year to feed the hungry masses and they have been increased from 3 to 10 confirmed trucks. There has also been a major increase of Texas brewers represented. This makes sense as the number of breweries has skyrocketed in 2012. This brings the total of unique beers from 350 to 400 plus with over 100 breweries in total.


The VIPs will get extra treatment this year with their own dedicated entrance and pre-scanned tickets for quick entry. VIP tickets allows for an hour earlier start time and access to the very best and rarer beers that go extremely fast at these festivals.

fish fry

The cost for a regular admission ticket is a low $35 and allows entrance from 2 to 6:30pm. This also gives you access to the bands playing, which includes the unofficial band for every North Texas Brewery, Fish Fry Bingo. All ticket holders are given a punch card offering 12 2 ounce beers, with extra tastes for $2 each in accordance to TABC rules.

VIPs are allowed the same benefits, but also have the earlier entrance ability to snag first access to rare, limited, firkins, and one-off beers. VIP also allows in and out privileges which general admission does not. A limited amount of VIPs will be sold, so get your tickets early.

For more information, or to purchase your Big Texas Beer Fest tickets check out the website.

If you feel extra lucky make a comment below telling us about your favorite Texas beer and be entered to win a pair of general admission tickets this week.



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39 responses to “Big Texas Beer Fest April 6 – Win A Pair Of Tickets!

  1. I love me some local brews, and when it comes to favorite Brewery, I’m a huge fan of Franconia; not only does Dennis do beer RIGHT, but he does the business end of it right, which is JUST as important a the taste of the beer.

    My favorite Texas beer HAS to be Southern Star’s Buried Hatchet Stout. I love Stouts and Porters. So much. Can I marry a beer style? Ali Kay married the Velvet Hammer, so I should be able to marry all Stouts. It’ll be polygamist, sure, but that just means Polygamy Porter can join in.

    SS’s Buried Hatchet is a delicious stout with a light body, which makes it a go-to beer for me to recommend to my friends who have yet to join the stout-lovers clan. It’s also in a can, which is neat; it’s a good way to show people that drinking out of a cooled glass isn’t the ONLY way to enjoy good beer.

  2. Susan E

    I love all the beers from 512, Jester King and Real Ale!

  3. Justin

    I love a good long list of beers, but hand me a Saint Arnold’s Lawnmower on a hot Texas day, and I’m the happiest person in the world.

  4. Martin

    My favorite Texas beer is the Peticolas Velvet Hammer. Great taste, good ABV but not heavy, and it’s brewed locally! What could be better?
    Otherwise, Real Ale, DEBC and Lakewood have all good beers!

  5. JJFoodie

    You simply can’t beat Michael Peticolas’ (Peticolas Brewing Co.) Velvet Hammer! It’s had a song written for it and its *married*, for God’s sake! Plus, it’s an amazing and too-easily consumed ~9% Imperial Red.

  6. Jordan

    Peticolas is the best local brewery on the list. Too many good ones to pick from their beers for a favorite. I’m also excited to see Deschutes, Deep Ellum and Lakewood on the list.

  7. Joe

    There are many great beers of different styles from many different Texas brewers. My favorite Texas beer has to be the one I am drinking. It doesn’t really matter which one. Love the one you’re with, right?

  8. I can honestly say I haven’t hardly tasted a bad Texas Craft Beer! It is so exciting when there is news of a new brewery opening in Texas or a new beer to try that they are putting out! I’m gonna have to go with Joe and say he is right…”Love the one you’re with!”.

  9. Ardy

    The Temptress!

  10. Susan Watkins

    velvet hammer!

  11. Jimmy Rogers

    I like rahr

  12. Loved it last year!

  13. I love all my local breweries. Its to hard to decide which is the best or has the best beer.

  14. Edward

    My favorite that’s readily available is Saint Arnold’s Fancy Lawnmower. For seasonal/rare brews I absolutely LOVE Saint Arnold’s Pumpkinator and Lakewood Brewing’s Punkel

  15. Mo

    All of them!

  16. Tony

    My favorites before the opening of so many new Dallas area breweries were 512 Pecan Porter and Real Ale Sisyphus. So I have to favor my local breweries and right now, my clear fave is Peticolas Velvet Hammer.

  17. SusieQT

    My favorite Texas Beer is Live Oak Pilz….. Do I win something?

  18. Nick Seaman

    I have to say that while I have a lot of love for nearly all of Dallas’ brews, The Temptress from Lakewood is especially drool-worthy.

  19. Velvet Hammer by Peticolas is my fave. Yummy Yummy!

  20. Kristi FitzGerald

    Pearl Snap Pils by Austin Beerworks – love!

  21. akismet-385736f6efd5221191415980d61fc559

    In the summer I love a Live Oak Hefeweizen, but every Christmas I bring home a Rahr and Sons Bourbon Barrel Winter Warmer and a Saint Arnold Pumpkinator to share with the family.

  22. Angela Krieger

    Shiner is my favorite!

  23. Real Ale Barrel Aged XV is the best beer TX has ever produced.

  24. Toadily

    Recently i have been hooked on Deep Ellums Cherry Chocolate Double Stout…. i also really enjoy St. Arnolds Santos……..

  25. Ali Kay Hammer

    VELVET HAMMER, bitches!!!

  26. When are you going to announce the winner?

  27. Worked a catering event this past Xmas and tried some of Lakewood’s products: Awesome!!!

  28. Martin is our winner!

  29. OMG!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Lisa A. Lanier

    Shiner Bock, of course. Found it on sale for 99 cents at Kroger in individual bottles. That’s a steal!

  31. Holly

    Any Rahr – Winter Warmer is my favorite!

  32. Alex

    Rahr’s Winter Warmer! And the Deep Ellum IPA. Jester King of Austin wins for the most unique tasting Texas brews. BREW FEST!!!

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