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Big Texas Beer Fest April 6 – Win A Pair Of Tickets!

beerby Steven Doyle

Chad and Nellie Montgomery are very well known in North Texas as a few of the foremost authorities on beer. The couple are also behind the Big Texas Beer Fest that they will be hosting the April 6, 2013. Last year was the first run for the event and it was an incredible success, selling out in record time, leaving many thirsty beer nerds at the gate wanting a few sips of the finest beers found in Texas and across the country.

There have been major improvements this year and the Montgomery’s have been actively working the 2013 event the day after the 2012 version ended.  Food trucks were used last year to feed the hungry masses and they have been increased from 3 to 10 confirmed trucks. There has also been a major increase of Texas brewers represented. This makes sense as the number of breweries has skyrocketed in 2012. This brings the total of unique beers from 350 to 400 plus with over 100 breweries in total. Continue reading


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