Blythe Beck Leaving Dallas For Gig In Fort Smith

blythe1by Steven Doyle

This week could easily be titled Chefs on the Run, and today we bring you one more. Blythe Beck, formerly of Central 214 and her own pink television series The Naughty Chef is leaving Dallas where she has been catering and consulting since leaving her post at the restaurant located in the Hotel Palomar. Yesterday the chef announced she was packing her bags and heading to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

“This is a limited time engagement but I am so excited that I will get to see you all again and cook for you. Plus I am getting to work with an amazing staff, owner, and all new crew!! Dallas is my home but Ft. Smith is my new adventure,” Beck said on her Facebook page.

The new restaurant is the Movie Lounge, a spot that she found and fell in love with recently. We hunted Blythe down for more information and she was happy to oblige.

“This project is simply to get the gorgeous restaurant back on track! They need a lot I love so I am going to help them,” added the very pink chef.

The gig will last at least three months. The building is an entire entertainment complex that has a fine dining restaurant, private cinemas, screening rooms, green rooms and more.

“I will still have a home in Dallas but me and the puppy are packing it up. I will be back to Dallas to do appearances and keep all my obligations. It is just temporary, but when I saw this place I could not refuse. I am so excited about cooking and reaching out to a whole new market and a whole new state”.


“I am still working on another project but this opportunity is one I could not pass up. This is the most beautiful space and kitchen I have ever seen. I am going to go consultant at a restaurant that has an amazing owner, crew and staff, they just need direction. It is the most opulent and abundant place I have ever seen and I could not say no,” said Beck.

When asked about the other projects, she deftly diverted the conversation back to this new gig in Fort Smith. Beck is more recently known for her work with anything related to feeding soldiers or men in uniforms. We wish Blythe the very best and hope to see her back in Dallas again very soon.



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3 responses to “Blythe Beck Leaving Dallas For Gig In Fort Smith

  1. kat

    Since I have a second home in Fayetteville I am super excited about this and look forward to seeing her in Ft. Smith.

  2. Yay! So excited that she is coming to Fort Smith!!

  3. Robyn

    I have met her at the MovieLounge and I am excited about the freshness she brings to our area!

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