Service Industry Night At Boulevardier Celebrates Your Night Off

boul1by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

I know many industry folk read craveDFW and I truly appreciate the support. This is why I am passing along a tip that should make most of you happy. There are many restaurants and bars around town that provide for an industry night. This is where anyone working in the restaurant industry receives special consideration, usually in the form of a discount for drinks or food. Restaurants love to see the industry file in because they are gracious guests, spend plenty of cash and tip very well. It is a perfect win for these establishments on a slow evening.  

One such industry night happens each Sunday in the Bishop Arts District where it becomes a who’s who of restaurants at Boulevardier. This makes for terrific people watching and of course some good eating.


Boulevardier is always a fantastic choice to celebrate most occasion, and what better to celebrate than your  night off? Send us your tips for the perfect industry night around Dallas and we will post them on craveDFW.





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