The Judges Table: Nora Restaurant and Bar

nora2by David Indorf

We ate at Nora Restaurant and Bar last night, and overall, the experience was excellent. Mind you, I’m not a huge fan of Middle Eastern cuisine, and I went with a significant degree of trepidation. Despite a few very minor glitches, I’d absolutely eat there again.   

First the tiny glitches. Our table was looking forward to trying the Sambosa Gashti off the Small Plates menu, and we were disappointed that they were sold out for the evening. The waiter suggested the Veggie Sambosa instead, and it was very, very good.  

nora1Veggie Sambosa

One of our diners requested beers that were also not available, so she settled for another selection and was quite happy.

We selected Nora because one a few in our group are trying to avoid wheat, and Nora’s menu offered many promising options. The previously mentioned Veggie Sambosa was excellent, as were the Leek Bulanee and Hummus off the Small Plates menu. I may have had better hummus somewhere, but I’d have to think about it a while to remember where. Our entrees included the Kofta Chalao, the Sabzi Chalao, the Qabili Palal, the Mantoo, and the Aushak.

kofta chalaoKofta Chalao

Nobody expressed any disappointment with any entree. While the dishes were heavily spiced, the spices melded beautifully to bring out a rich and full flavor, and there were no frantic gulps of ice water due to excessive spiciness. The prices were spot on for the quality and quantity of food, and our service was excellent.

The wine, beer, and cocktail list contained an adequate variety, and none of our members had difficulty deciding on a beverage.


The only unqualified miss was the Firnee dessert. One diner did not care for the flavor or texture at all, and the others just didn’t think it was worth the calories.

Overall the experience was solid and I award Nora 4 out of 5 Gavels

Nora is located at 1908 Greenville Avenue in Dallas.

David Indorf is an avid  Dallas foodie, attorney and former judge who will be reviewing a variety of restaurants locally for craveDFW.


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  1. Sandy Johnson

    I’m looking forward to more reviews from this writer. I felt like I was there experiencing the dinner.

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