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The Judge’s Table: Urbano Cafe

urbanoby David Indorf

Under the able hand of Chef Ke’o Velasaquez, Urbano Café grew into one of the city’s dining meccas, a not-so-well-kept secret among Dallas foodies.  Affable owner Mitch Kauffman and his capable staff keep the tiny space humming in a swirling but efficiently choreographed ballet, the restaurant’s intimate interior lending itself to not infrequent exchanges of BYO wine bottles between tables populated by strangers.  The noise level can be difficult at times, but diners don’t go to Urbano for pinky-out dining; they go for impeccably prepared food that never fails to satisfy.          Continue reading


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The Judge’s Table: Cafe Momentum At FT33

10_2013_03_Momentum_Ft33-9627by David Indorf    photos by Robert Bostick

How do you sell out one of the country’s hottest restaurants with a prix fixe menu at $100 per plate? Secure in the knowledge that you will have 100% attendance with dozens more clamoring for tickets. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this little miracle occurs in the span of 20 seconds? It’s actually rather simple. You open your restaurant to Café Momentum, the concept developed to train young men detained in the Dallas County Youth Village in the culinary arts from the ground up.    Continue reading

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Review: Sara Hickman

sara1by David Indorf

Sara Hickman returned to the scene of many of her most successful performances, Poor David’s Pub, for a Valentine’s Night show, and this one can be added to the “Memorable” folder. David Card is well known for treating his artists like family, which makes for some terrific concerts.

While Ms. Hickman is a talented musician in her own right, she gleefully ceded the yeoman’s share of the music making to local guitar wizard Sam Swank, whose acoustic and electric guitars added a different atmosphere to the songs so many in the audience have enjoyed for years. Absent a guitar cord tether, Ms. Hickman’s inner chanteuse was free to prance, preen, and prowl all over the stage and into the audience, to the expected delight of all in attendance. The only thing missing was a feather boa.       Continue reading

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The Judges Table: Nora Restaurant and Bar

nora2by David Indorf

We ate at Nora Restaurant and Bar last night, and overall, the experience was excellent. Mind you, I’m not a huge fan of Middle Eastern cuisine, and I went with a significant degree of trepidation. Despite a few very minor glitches, I’d absolutely eat there again.    Continue reading

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