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Review: Gen Korean BBQ House

gen2by Timothy Pham

With various all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue places in the DFW area, LA-based, Gen Korean BBQ House is the newest iteration to open up. Located off of Old Denton and I-35 up in Carrolton diagonally from Ranch 99 and across the highway from H-mart.

Gen brings to DFW its LA flair of modern design and flavoring. Upon walking into the restaurant you’re greeted with the delicious aroma of grilled meat and pleasing view of a restaurant that is well lit with a cool blue glow. The wait can be a bit daunting even during the week, be prepared to wait at least thirty minutes to an hour, I’ve been told that on the weekends it can be up to a two hour wait.   Continue reading

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Review: Mot Hai Ba

interior2 MOT HAI BA web versionby Steven Doyle

Mot Hai Ba, the new East Dallas hot spot which is the latest entry into Vietnamese dining is hitting its stride to a packed house each night as guests clamor to sample Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare cuisine. Having spent much time carousing in the Southeast Asian country, Chef Johnson told us last night that this was as authentic as you will ever find in the Dallas area. We readily agree.

The flavors that the chef duo bring to the plate is dining s you might enjoy in Vietnam. The afternoon service is gilded much like you would find on the streets of Hanoi. Quick bites including a very tasty banh mi spread thick with pate and roasted pork on a crisp yet relenting bun, and a rich version of pho.   Continue reading

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Review: JoJo Eating House

DSC06334by Steven Doyle

When JoJo Eating House opened for business back in November I was elated. The dishes I tried were fantastic and the menu was clean and fun. For those that read my First Look, I was particularly fond of the Artichoke and Large Lump Crab Ceviche. The fresh and simple dish made me wiggle in my seat, and go back the next evening for a second round. Alas, the artichoke salad is no more, but Chef Laurent Poupart has been busy preparing a new menu for the change of seasons that are truly spectacular.

Sadly missed was the Pastry Chef, Laurel Wimberg. She is masterful in the kitchen and at the time of the opening spoke about the possibilities of opening a store front bakery to feed JoJo. That will not happen now, and she has moved on to Lark located in Klyde Warren Park which opens today. Continue reading

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The Judges Table: Nora Restaurant and Bar

nora2by David Indorf

We ate at Nora Restaurant and Bar last night, and overall, the experience was excellent. Mind you, I’m not a huge fan of Middle Eastern cuisine, and I went with a significant degree of trepidation. Despite a few very minor glitches, I’d absolutely eat there again.    Continue reading

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Start Your Year Eating Healthier At Start

DSC05329by Steven Doyle

The fast casual restaurant Start opened its doors back in August to a very eager and hungry crowd and has been busily creating a special menu of “good for you” foods that do not taste like diet fare. Start was conceived by Erin McKool who also created the menu and used her own recipes from home. This meant buying all the very best ingredients such as grass-fed beef, local honey and produce.

“Before my son was born I knew I was going to start a restaurant. After he was born I realized there was this niche you couldn’t find. There were no fast food places to dine that were healthy. I had a few go to places like Zoey’s, but you still had to deal with parking. You couldn’t go do a drive-through if you had someone asleep in the back. I started something I wanted, and I figured I was a pretty good representation of what people want,” said McKool.   Continue reading


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The Lake House To Open In Old Dallas Bicycle Cafe Location

DSC05357by Steven Doyle

Meet John Schmitz and Eric Paulsen. Actually you may know these guys already; they have been serving you in several capacities for many years in a whole host of Dallas area restaurants and bars. Now the guys are about to open their own entry into the pub scene with their own new concept located in the old Dallas Bicycle Café location at 7510 E Northwest Hwy called The Lake House.

The Lake House will feature cocktails, craft beer and what they hope to be delicious bar food in an area bereft of this sort of talent. The pub hangs just off the White Rock Creek Trail and in the shares an enormous parking lot with Dallas Bike Works. The pair of new owners plan to work with the bike shop to gear events that will cater to riders who enjoy the trail, and liken the new spot to the Katy Trail.  Continue reading


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