Your Golden Ticket To A Perfect Valentine’s Day

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Procrastination is the hearts worst enemy so it would seem. Looking for that last minute Valentine’s gift option could prove difficult, but many of the area chocolatiers have stocked up and are bracing themselves for one of their busiest days of the year. We have a guide that will help you geographically snag that perfect box of chocolates that should keep you looking like a charmer that you really are.

Your significant love has been perfectly sweet all year and deserves something a bit better than a box of drugstore chocolates, so please do not be tempted by those horrific cellophane samplers.          


Dude, Sweet Chocolate now has three locations to serve you around Dallas and Fort Worth. The original Bishop Arts store still acts as the home office, but there is a Dude across from Preston Center in Dallas and one in the West 7th Development in Fort Worth. Here you can find an assortment of amazing  chef driven chocolates that have  unsually balanced flavors that are not kick-in-the-face sweet. The list of potions make for an especially fun gift. These are tainted with spirits for a fun combination of tastes.  The Love Potion #5 sets it all in motion with its Merlot-kissed concoction that is perfect for your favorite ice cream or making a delicious dressing for that lovley salad. Also fantastic in coffee the next day.


Also in the Oak Cliff area you can visit CocoAndre, the tiny chocolate shop run by a mother daughter team who crank out these amazing flavors and shapes. Andrea Pedraza is a Master Chocolatier who worked for Morgen for nearly 25 years before setting out on her own. Here’s a little tip that might save you a few miles, her chocolates are also sold at Eatzi’s and Central Market, but the selection is better at their anchor shop on Davis Street. Check out the best selling homage to Christian Louboutin for a breathe taking gift.


From what was born as a hobby was quickly encouraged to become one of the best secrets in the Dallas chocolate scene. We say secret but you can find Elegantly Chocolate at all the Niemen Marcus stores, and is featured each year in the big Christmas book. This local shop can be found in Carrollton at the intersection of Rosemeade Pkwy. and Marsh Lane. There you may select beautifully packaged treats that will give pause for the heart.


Stephen Smith is the owner of Nib Chocolates produced in his Design District studio. Smith sells primarily online and wholesale. He is a graduate of the famous Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris, France.  Stephen also worked at Michelin-starred restaurants Taillevent, in Paris, and Mugaritz, a molecular gastronomy restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain.  After Europe, he went to Kansas City to work with chocolatier Christopher Elbow at his namesake chocolate shop.  This is where Stephen discovered his passion and love for chocolate.  You can find his amazing products at Bolsa Mercado


In the center of the city check out Chocolate Secrets and certainly the most beautiful chocolates with incredibly unsual flavors. You may purchase a box of mixed flavors or create your own combinations. This is also a romantic setting on weekends as they sell wine and have soothing jazz playing on into the evening. Also the best scoop of homemade pistachio ice cream around.


We have not forgotten our friends to the north. In Allen hunt down Sublime Chocolate in Watters Creek. This kicked up coffee shop – Mexican Hot Cocoa, please – also makes superb chocolates. With a delicious selection, you can put together your own assortment, but do not forget the Hawaiian Salt Caramel.


For a quick chocolate pick that will not fail seek out the Oh! Brownie which can be found in plenty of cool places that could also net you additional gift ideas such as Scardello where you can pick up a nice selection of cheeses and a bottle of wine. Also TJ’s Seafood market (either location) carries these amazing brownies, and you can also get a bottle of great wine and a lobster for a home made dinner that is super easy (they will even steam it for you). If in Oak Cliff pick up Oh! Brownie’s at Bolsa Mercado where you can not only buy wine, but an entire dinner for two to pair up with those brownies.


Finally, Bark Chocolate is a locally produce package of pure love made by local sweetheart Katy Priore. Her bark is loaded with a variety of flavors, even super healthy options for the particular eater in your home. Find a deliciosu selection only at Carbone’s on Oak Lawn or at Bolsa Mercado.


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    And you can find all of these chocolate havens on a Dallas by Chocolate tour…every Saturday, Sunday and often on weekdays. Tours start at $30 and include transportation via bus, wine served onboard and LOTS of samples! or 972-442-6963

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