Second Floor Bistro To Host Cocktail Class

cocktails 040by Steven Doyle

The cocktail has gone through much transition in Dallas over the past few years. The word craft cocktail almost became an evil term for anything over-the-top sweet, $20 and 20 minutes later. But in more recent times we have seen fantastic bartenders honing their craft in North Texas, and we actually have an amazing reputation for some of the very best in this region of the country. Our bartenders compete nationally in competitions, and win. They are asked to host symposiums throughout the country, and revered as tops in their field. We are fortunate that way.  

You may wish to attempt these cocktails at home, and the Second Floor Bistro in the Galleria is on stand-by to help. Barman Seth Brammer is hosting a cocktail class in the private room at thr bistro February 28, 2013.

Guests are invited to enjoy a hands-on experience creating some of the finest spring cocktails imaginable, using ingredients such as vermouth, px sherry, champagne and rosé wine, not to mention a special infusion that Brammer will show you how to create at home.

The cost of the class is $40 and includes cocktails. Reservations can be made by calling (972) 450-2978.


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