Copper River Salmon Season Continues

Whiskey Cake- Copper River Salmonby Steven Doyle

If you remotely follow the restaurant scene in Dallas you may know the name Royce Ring. He is the owner of Plan B, a design group that has turned out some of the more beautiful restaurants in our city such as Oak, Bolsa and Whiskey Cake to name a few.

Ring has a son with a different skill set entirely. Austin Ring owns Northwest Fish Traders in Alaska which is currently supplying the highly coveted Copper River Salmon to the very same restaurants that his father designed.  

belly and trumpet salmonBelly and Trumpet

Even more interesting is that on opening day of Copper River Salmon fishing the weather was treacherous, but Northwest Fish Trader’s F/V Sprite, skippered by Captain Michael Hand went out regardless and Northwest Fish Traders delivered the first catch to Dallas this past Saturday.

Many of the local restaurants such as Oak, Belly & Trumpet, Whiskey Cake and Bolsa are using Northwest Fish Traders salmon, and we have a few photos of the plated fish.  Go ahead and make your reservations for tonight. The season is very short and generally ends mid-June.

Top photo is from Whiskey Cake


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  1. Sam

    Heard they were opening a new place up on Legacy.

  2. Had some great Copper River Salmon at The Mansion.

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