Trinity Groves Taking Shape In West Dallas

trinity2by Steven Doyle

This weekend we checked out the Trinity Groves area just beyond the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in West Dallas to find construction proceeding towards opening. Many of the new shops and restaurants were slated to open early summer, but instead will be delayed until September. This will give newly signed tenants a chance to work through their construction without interference. Once the building is complete the businesses will begin opening on a staggered schedule.

The main pavilion has been accounted for with much of the front facing spaces that overlook Singleton will be restaurants, while the north side facing the 3015 facility are a majority of retail space.

A walk through on Sunday revealed more information on what we might expect starting this September.

DiDi’s Tamale Diner: Consider tamales and tequila from Andina (Didi) Fernandez who operates her business in Mesquite and been making tamales for over twenty years using recipes from both Mexico and Central America. Other offerings will include tortas and food packaged as take away.

Social Brew: From the makers of Holy Kambucha, this shop will offer teas and coffees along with kambucha that will be brewed on sight.

Amberjack’s: A fresh seafood market that will also cook your fish to order.

Plumage: A florist who also is responsible for making hats for occasions such as the Kentucky Derby and the local Mad Hatter’s event designed by Shane Walker.

Cake Rattle and Roll: A pastry shop offering cakes, and most likely some rattling along with the rolling.


Kate Weiser: Kate is the chocolatier who recently left her post at Choocolate Secrets and who makes those delightful confections that are as beautiful as they are tasty. Kate recently competed on the Food Network program Sugar Dome. Get to know Kate and her sense of humor from this audition video we found.

West Dallas Cheese Company: There is little or no information available on this business, and rumor has it that no one has been selected to actually run this business yet.

Potato Flats: This is a Phil Romano concept using flattened baked potatoes as a canvass for your lunch. Romano is reported to have invented a special device to flattened potatoes. We call it a hammer.

Casa Rubia: Casa Rubia is the tapas concept from the fellows at Driftwood.

Souk: From the owner of Baboush and Ketchup Bar and a few other restaurant concerns, consider this your West Dallas belly dancing headquarters served with plates of Middle Eastern fare.

LUCK: Local Urban Craft Kitchen will offer brews from all across North Texas along with beer inspired cuisine.

uno and adrian

Chino Chinatown: A restaurant from Uno Immanivong and Adrian Verdin that infuses the flavors of Asian and Latin cuisine.

Kitchen LTO: The restaurant with an identity crisis. The restaurant will use social media to select a new chef each quarter, along with a fresh menu and design.

Tokyo Fisherman: Sushi restaurant and ownership will be announced very soon.

Resto Gastro Bistro: Bistro fare from DJ Quintanilla

Beignet Bridge Club: Owned by Sharon Van Meter, who also runs the 3015 facility, and will served beignets and coffee. Think Café Dumond with a more cheffy flare.


Saint Rocco: Another Phil Romano restaurant that will have a more authentic Italian feel to it.

A few other entries include a wine bar which is tentatively titled Checkered Past Winery, and the giant blue building on Singleton will be the new home of Off Site Kitchen owned by Nick Badovinus. It is unclear if he will be closing the very nearby location on Irving Blvd.


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