Chef Kyle McClelland Kicking It In New York

mcclellandby Steven Doyle

Ever wonder what happened to the chef from Cedars Social who went off to New York to stake claim at his restaurant, Prospect? The New York Daily News recently reported that Kyle McClelland has done pretty well for himself, giving Prospect four out of a five star rating. The critic who reviewed the Brooklyn restaurant said that McClelland had the most “visually stunning dishes in any borough.”

Searching around for other reviews, McClelland was given even more love from the New Yorker and the New York Times.

In addition, Gotham seems to love our disparate pastry chef,  Annika Loureiro. She has been given quite the nod by reviewers who gush about her pastry prowess noting that she does not have many contemporaries in small Brooklyn restaurants where pastry chefs are a premium.

Congratulations to McClelland and his staff for a job well done. We certainly miss you in Dallas.

Here are some scenes from our last dinner with McClelland.

Read more about McClelland at craveDFW

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