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Chef Kyle McClelland Kicking It In New York

mcclellandby Steven Doyle

Ever wonder what happened to the chef from Cedars Social who went off to New York to stake claim at his restaurant, Prospect? The New York Daily News recently reported that Kyle McClelland has done pretty well for himself, giving Prospect four out of a five star rating. The critic who reviewed the Brooklyn restaurant said that McClelland had the most “visually stunning dishes in any borough.” Continue reading

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CampO Meets Cedars Social Dinner

by Steven Doyle

Last night some of the staff from Cedars Social did an all-out takeover of the kitchen at CampO Modern Country Bistro. No, this wasn’t coup d’état attempt, we still spotted the new chef Michael Ehlert at the restaurant. This was instead an open invitation from the owners Miguel Vicéns and John Paul Valverde in attempt to bring the two restaurants together.

“I don’t really view us as competition, instead more like communities with so much to offer,” said Valverde at the beginning of the dinner. Whatever the reasoning, it is a brilliant idea to bring in guest chefs and give them a chance to try some things they may not normally do in their own kitchen.    Continue reading

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