Kitchen LTO Announces Norman Grimm As First Chef

norman-picby Steven Doyle

More news from Trinity Groves filters through today. Kitchen LTO, the restaurant which will change concepts each quarter with a new chef and design, announced their first chef winner today. Norman Grimm, most recently from Acme F&B was selected top dog in a heated pack of chefs who all competed for the honor. The designers will be and Coeval Studio (John Paul Valverde and Miguel Vicens) designer for the 1st round of this permanent pop-up restaurant.

Scheduled to open September 3rd, in The Trinity Groves project of West Dallas, Kitchen LTO will dramatically change every four months as a new chef rotates in and introduces a new menu concept.  Simultaneously, a new design firm will reinvent the interior’s transformable elements.  Essentially, it’s a limited time offer (“LTO”), where a new restaurant is born three times a year.       

Caldwell explains,“ We were fortunate to have so many talented chefs and designers as finalists for our first pop-up.  Each of them is so unique and brings an interesting perspective.”  After an extensive review process with the selection committee of many potential chefs and designers, the public had a chance to vote on the finalists, which consisted of 5 chefs and 5 design firms.

Caldwell says, “I’m excited to work with Norm because he has worked under some of the best in the industry.  He brings a passion for his craft that he wants to share and teach to others. I won’t be surprised to see him chef his own restaurant in the very near future.  John Paul and Miguel are first class designers.  I love the ideas they have showcased for the space, especially the vanishing tile art piece.  It completely embodies the Kitchen LTO brand — even the art is ‘limited time only’.  I can’t wait to see what they’ll incorporate for Norm’s style of cuisine.  All I know is it’s bound to be exciting and you’ll have to hurry in before it’s all gone and we start over.”

read more about Norman Grimm here

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  1. Woo Hoo, can’t wait to check it out 🙂

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