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interior2 MOT HAI BA web versionby Steven Doyle

Mot Hai Ba, the new East Dallas hot spot which is the latest entry into Vietnamese dining is hitting its stride to a packed house each night as guests clamor to sample Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare cuisine. Having spent much time carousing in the Southeast Asian country, Chef Johnson told us last night that this was as authentic as you will ever find in the Dallas area. We readily agree.

The flavors that the chef duo bring to the plate is dining s you might enjoy in Vietnam. The afternoon service is gilded much like you would find on the streets of Hanoi. Quick bites including a very tasty banh mi spread thick with pate and roasted pork on a crisp yet relenting bun, and a rich version of pho.  

crab chili, garlic, scallion web version

Dinner service is different with home-style dishes that are meant to be shared under a relaxing sun that drops in the far distance. Last evening we sampled a variety of dishes such as the Sizzling Cake with Shrimp, Sprout, Scallion. The cake, or Bánh Xèo, is aptly named for the sound it makes as the rice batter hits the skillet and sizzles into a tasty crepe-like shell to fill with its ingredients. There is also a tofu version for the vegetarian in your life.



Imperial rolls are sectioned and seem to be cooked a bit more for a firmer texture than a typical egg roll. This roll is meant to be lassoed into lettuce, and smothered in cilantro and sprouts. This makes the dish much more dimensional and satisfying.

The Barbecued 5-spice Chicken Wings are a perfect answer to typical bar wings, and quite possibly our new favorite in Dallas. These wings are moist and meaty with a glaze that is of the perfect spiciness, and goes well with the many selections of Belgium and Asian beers tapped on the menu.



The Green papaya salad with beef is a variation on the typical theme you might find at a number of local restaurants. Probably not as spicy as some, actually barely spicy to be honest, with the addition of raisin-sized nuggets of beef, this makes for a perfect start to any of the entrees on the menu.

The entrees are bold and flavorful, and last evening we enjoyed the marinated grilled fish served with an ample supply of flavorful noodles. The fish of the day was grouper, and it was served very tender. The Shaken Beef is also a very good choice.


From the Good2Go girls who also run the kitchen at Good Friend Beer Garden, Mot Hai Ba is certainly now in our rotation of new restaurants worth going back to again and again. Take advantage of the Soft Shell Crabs that are available later in the week while the season lasts.

Mot Hai Ba | 6047 Lewis Street, Dallas | 972.638.7468


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