Kenny Is Smoking Meat In Plano

DSC08406by Steven Doyle

Kenny Bowers can play ball. Equipped only with his love for good food, Kenny has risen through the ranks as a restaurateur starting on Greenville Avenue so many years ago at Daddy Jack’s with his partner Jack Chaplin. This made much sense for the Boston renegade, if you speak to him long enough that accent is a dead giveaway to his roots. What Kenny did for chowda so many years ago he now does on the grill.

Bowers has created this empire that spans the North Dallas arena including Addison, Plano and Frisco. Each has a unique take on food he loves including the Wood Fire Grill with its steaks and seafood, Kenny’s Italian for its bodacious meatballs, and the Burger Joint for, well, the beautiful burgers. Now he has reason to celebrate in the Shops at Legacy in Plano with his very own smokehouse.  

DSC08403Smoked Brisket Stuffed Jalapenos

DSC08383Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage

Going from grill to smoker is a bit more of a challenge than you might expect. It’s not just a matter of rubbing on some spices and tossing it in a smoker low and slow. Well, actually it might be as Kenny found out eventually. Taking it to Memphis to sup with some barbecue masters, and then working out his recipes through many trials home, Bowers eventually came to enjoy his meat. Kenny’s Smoke House was born.

Not just a barbecue restaurant serving succulent ribs and brisket, the Smoke House is a full service restaurant with a magnificent bar (try the smoky Old Fashion). You can have a variety of fish dishes, salads and even a Bowers signature burger, but the real standout is the barbecue. The Hammered Brisket can be ordered lean or marbled, you know the answer to that one, fat makes anything taste delicious.

DSC08408Kenny’s Hammered Smoked Brisket

DSC08414The Beef Ribs

The day we were at the Plano restaurant we enjoyed the giant beef rib. Of course it was tender and well-seasoned.

The many sides are given the Bower’s touch. The blue cheese potato salad (with bacon) and the smoked Gouda mac and cheese are good choices, as is the sautéed spinach served warm with bacon and a vinaigrette.

Kenny’s Smoke House takes reservations and even serves up some blues on the weekend for that extra Bower’s touch.

Kenny’s Smoke House | 5760 Legacy, Plano | 972.473.7478



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  1. Bill

    Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage is quite good

  2. Really not BBQ. No smoke flavor or smoke ring. We were disappointed.

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