Josh Black Is Back And On A Seafood Binge

DSC08737by Steven Doyle

I spotted chef Josh Black a few nights ago while he was sipping a tall cocktail at his old stomping grounds, The People’s Last Stand. There has been a few pop-up dinners recently that Josh produced, but he hasn’t been in a steady kitchen since he left FT33. You know Josh from such restaurants as Stephan Pyles, CampO, and he even helped open Cedars Social with John Tesar. Yea, you probably forgot that Tesar opened Cedars just before he did the whole Commissary gig.

Here are a few things we discussed:        

Josh, what have you been up to?

Basically been doing my own little thing. I left FT33 not too long ago, and since I have been trying to develop myself, my character, my cuisine. Been doing the pop-up dinners. Anything beer-based, whiskey-based, cocktail-based.

I have been talking to John Tesar recently and a lot about seafood. That has been my goal to have a seafood place. I love every aspect of seafood from raw to cooked. It’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s clean.

John has been talking a bit about a new restaurant, besides Spoon.

We have been talking about a new seafood restaurant that will hopefully open up in November. Consider Spoon with a bit of fun and a raw bar. But it will be a bit more casual and fun. Think a lot of different oysters, a lot of crudos with some elegant cuisine as well.

Any locations been mentioned?

Nothing secured so far, but talks of Bishop Arts for sure. It is the up and coming spot in Dallas. Hopefully we will soon have a seafood bistro for you real soon.

Will you be executive chef at the new spot?

I am actually shooting to run the raw bar.  There has been talks of other chefs coming in like Ross.

You mean Ross Demers? What is he up to now?

Yes that Ross. He is working at Spoon as well. I would love to partner up with him. It is all about the food. We could care less about the titles you slap on us, we just want to cook. We just want to put out some brilliant, fun food with John Tesar.

What are you doing at Spoon?

For now I will be working garde manger, and anything else they need for me to do.

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