Coca Cola Introduces New Bottle Made Entirely Of Ice

cocacolaby Steven Doyle

Coca Cola has been getting a bad rap as of late, and with good cause. There is that whole high-fructose corn syrup thing tied to childhood obesity and diabetes. But this week the corporate giant sends us word that they have done some good in the world, and it is actually pretty cool. They have come up with a bottle made entirely of ice.       

The eco-friendly  bottle is made with micro-purified water set in a silicone mold and frozen at -13° F. Once the sugary liquid inside has been consumed the bottle is left to melt away. We were sent this video that shows the people of Colombia having a great day on the beach sucking down colas and playing beach volleyball.  We want to frolic like this on the beach with ice bottles, but alas, Dallas has no beaches and the bottles are currently only available in Colombia.

Note that the label doubles as a wrist band that further advertises Cocoa Cola. Genius.


We are curious if the freezing method might cancel out the positives associated with the lack of using glass, but it still looks pretty cool. Carbon footprint be damned.


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