Mi Piaci Opening In Preston Center In Dallas

piaci1Pesce Branzino, tamarind glazed Chilean sea bass with lemon-basil risotto

by Steven Doyle

I suppose it wasn’t terribly clear a few days ago when we announced that Ocho would be transformed into an outpost for the loverly Mi Piaci, starring chef Joel Harloff as head toque. Well, let me make myself perfectly clear. It will happen in Park Cities sometime in August.   

piaci2Spaghettini Neri, black pasta with butter poached blue crab and chili butter

That delightful space where Ocho cranked out what we felt was sturdy New Mexican fare will now be serving up fresh pasta, house cured meats, and freshly baked bread. Corporate Chef Joel Harloff will once again be joining forces with Mi Piaci.  Harloff was offered his first executive chef position at the Mi Piaci Ristorante and served their famous Italian cuisine for many years.  Chef Joel and the long time Mi Piaci culinary staff are excited to continue creating Mi Piaci’s special brand of Italian cuisine.

This is fantastic news, to be sure. My fork is ready and waiting, sir.


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