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Clase Azul Tequila Celebtrates A Fitting 15th Anniversary

IMG_1036by Andrew Chalk

The ultra premium tequila brand Clase Azul recently celebrated 15 years of being in business. In planning the event, the creative and business management of the company went back to first principles. They stood for authenticity, supporting the traditional crafts of Mexico, and acting in a sustainable manner. For example, every bottle of Clase Azul is different, because it is hand made. Over 100 artisans in a single town mold, paint and decorate each bottle. Non toxic ceramic paints and hand made brushes are the tools and equipment, and each bottle takes a full two weeks to complete. The final article is a work of art and if you buy a bottle start your own collection.        Continue reading

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Coca Cola Introduces New Bottle Made Entirely Of Ice

cocacolaby Steven Doyle

Coca Cola has been getting a bad rap as of late, and with good cause. There is that whole high-fructose corn syrup thing tied to childhood obesity and diabetes. But this week the corporate giant sends us word that they have done some good in the world, and it is actually pretty cool. They have come up with a bottle made entirely of ice.        Continue reading

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