Revolver To Bottle Blood and Honey

revolverby Steven Doyle

Revolver Brewing Company is located in Granbury, Texas which is about thirty-five minutes southwest of Fort Worth. Made up of a team of three including Ron and Rhett Keisler, and Grant Wood, they have managed to place the brewery on the map and in many pubs and restaurants in North Texas quite possibly due to a single brew they call Blood and Honey. Launched a year ago this August, Blood and Honey is far and away Revolver’s biggest hit.   


Blood and Honey is an unfiltered American Wheat Ale that rings of blood orange zest and strong notes of herbs and Fall Creek Farms honey.  This 7% ABV beer was described to me yesterday as a gateway craft beer, and that makes total sense. It is totally drinkable and shows the handiwork of the master brewer, Wood, who’s previous post was at Sam Adams and was responsible for the Black Lager recipe.

To celebrate the anniversary of Blood and Honey you will soon find the beer packaged and on shelves. This is a huge jump for the tiny brewery and a bold move to bottle rather than can their beer. Look for Blood and Honey to hit the shelves everywhere mid August.

Tours are available each Saturday from Noon to 3pm at a cost of $10.


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5 responses to “Revolver To Bottle Blood and Honey

  1. doofUSA

    bold move to bottle lol

  2. slade

    this is great beer; i really liked it

  3. bob

    How was bottling a bold move?

    • You are not the first to ask about that single word. The more accurate word might be “curious”. The reason I made the nearly throw away statement was because so many local (and not local) craft brewers are canning. The cost is lower, it is easier to transport, the beer cannot be damaged by the sun, and the packaging is so much more attractive. You can also take and even sell cans in more places than bottles. Example? Pools and venues where bottles are not allowed (the latter would presumably sell draft, but not always). Bold? Perhaps the wrong word, but you get where I was coming from. I wish someone edited me from time to time.

      Thanks for reading!

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