Rathbun Bros. On Chopped August 11

kentby Steven Doyle

When Chef Kent Rathbun was on our radio program a few weeks ago he mentioned that there would be some Rathbun’s on Chopped very soon and to keep an eye out for that. We just received notice that not only was he on Chopped, but he appeared once again with his brother Kevin Rathbun. You probably remember when this family force was together on the Food Network last time. They kicked Bobby Flay’s butt on Iron Chef. Kent also told us some fun stories about that on our program as well.  

Kent Rathbun, along with his brother Kevin, will be appearing on “Chopped Family Feud” on the Food Network this Sunday, August 11 at 7 p.m. In a Chopped first, two pairs of brothers compete to see which chef family prevails.  In the first round, the competitors must come up with ideas for falooda noodles.  In the entrée round, the judges watch to see how the plates of steak and cinnamon rolls will turn out.  With family pride and bragging rights looking large, the last two chefs much make desserts from a Greek pudding and a Japanese candy.

We were not told the outcome, but we have little doubt that the Rathbun’s prevail. If they did indeed win, $10,000 would go to their charity of choice.


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  1. MCB08

    Did he say who they competed against?

  2. Anthony Perri

    please let it be Michael and Brian Voltaggio

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