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Revolver Brewery Tour

revolverby Brian Wall

It’s not often that the planets line up, Karma comes around or that everything just lines up properly. This past Saturday tour day was one of those perfect happenings. When two very good friends were in town this past weekend, it seemed like a good opportunity to take one to a brewery tour while the other was duck hunting. As a typical weathered day in the Metro, traffic was horrid and I ran late getting to the hotel for the tour. The mighty hunter had finished and was on his way back with his spoils and we both decided to wait and have him go with us to the tour.

My first idea was to hit Fort Worth since the hotel was in Weatherford. Looking at the location though and the time frame of running late, it seemed that maybe getting late would not have been a good idea so the decision of a slightly closer and unvisited brewery came to fruition, that brewery being Revolver in Granbury. Time was still not looking great but I figured that we would get there at least an hour before the close and we would get a couple samples. Imagine my surprise when we arrived at the brewery and found that not only were they extending their tour until four in the afternoon rather than three but we also happened to have arrived at the one year birthday party. While there was no cake for this party by the time we arrived, we did get a gift of five samples of great beer.   Continue reading

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Revolver To Bottle Blood and Honey

revolverby Steven Doyle

Revolver Brewing Company is located in Granbury, Texas which is about thirty-five minutes southwest of Fort Worth. Made up of a team of three including Ron and Rhett Keisler, and Grant Wood, they have managed to place the brewery on the map and in many pubs and restaurants in North Texas quite possibly due to a single brew they call Blood and Honey. Launched a year ago this August, Blood and Honey is far and away Revolver’s biggest hit.    Continue reading


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