Fork Fight Continues! Souk vs. Chino

fork fightby Steven Doyle

Yet another edition of Trinity Grove’s Fork Fight will be held at 7pm this Thursday at 3015, the seemingly go-to party venue for North Texas. We have a look at the menu, and list it below. I know we have discussed Trinity Groves extensively at craveDFW and on our radio program since we have one of the chef-owners Uno Immanivong on the program weekly. We feel that the Trinity Groves project is one of the most exciting things to happen in the Dallas restaurant scene in quite a while. The Fork Fight, which is the brainchild of Mark Brezenski, is a perfect way for you to actually meet the chefs and owners of each restaurant, and discover their cuisine so you can make informed decisions when these restaurants finally open their doors for business.

There are some tickets remaining for purchase at the sales website. Grab date and meet us this Thursday for what will be one of the more exciting matches so far as the chefs enter into round two of the bracket competition. Click here for tickets.

Remember, there are four courses per chef, and all are cocktail and wine paired. This makes the event a particularly great value.

I hear we may have Epicurious Emma send us a video with her pre-dinner predictions tomorrow, so watch for that. Jump for the menus.   

Course I- Chicken Bastilla
Layers of Phylo Dough Stuffed With Braised Cornish Hen, Saffron Egg Sauce & Almond Paste, Served with Orange Honey Mint Salad
Course II- Watermelon & Hallume Cheese Salad with Wild Arugula & Sugarcane Vinaigrette
Course III- Beef Tenderloin & Apple Tagine
Slow Cooked Beef Tenderloin in a Honey-Ginger-Saffron Sauce, Topped with Dates, Almonds & Sesame Seeds
Course IV- Spiced Pear
Poached Pear in Honey Caramel Sauce, Stuffed with Rose Water Mascarpone Cheese, & Pistachio Dates
Course I- Guajillo Lobster Shooters
Tender morsels of fried lobster topped with spicy guajillo coconut broth
Course II- Thai Crab Causa Salad
Yuzu infused potato, avocado creme fraiche, roasted corn, Thai crab salad, seasoned micro greens and pickled onions
Course III- Grilled Lamb Chop
Grilled chuleta de cordero topped with lemongrass chimichurri served along side cilantro lime rice steamed in duck broth
Course IV- Mexican mole cake
Chocolate Latin spiced cake topped with homemade coconut ice cream, rum caramel and mole ganache


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