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Fork Fight Continues With A Chino Win

DSC09442by Steven Doyle

Last night set up the final battle in the ongoing Trinity Groves Fork Fight. The 10-week throw down that has happily introduced Dallas to the talented line up in a handful of restaurants that will open gave diners a glimpse at the cuisine that will be offered in what could be considered the most inventive sneak peek ever. Kitchen LTO, the pop-up restaurant that changes chefs and concepts every four months will be the first to open, September 9, 2013.   Continue reading

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Check Out This Week’s CraveRADIO!

cradio4by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

If you missed craveRADIO this week you missed a lot of fun. Each Sunday the crew from craveDFW hits the airwaves on 1190am from 4 to 6pm and discusses a week of restaurants and fun events we hot during the week. The cast of characters includes Melissa Robert, Chef Uno Immanivong, Kenny Kuczwaj and myself, along with a few invited guests that includes top area chefs, restaurant owners and bartenders. We also speak to wine makers and brew masters.

This week we invited Chef Sharon Van Meter into the studio to discuss her projects at Trinity Groves that include her huge party venue, 3015, and the French restaurant that will be opening very soon, Beignet Bistro. We got the inside scoop on the menu at the Bistro and also chatted about the ultimate battle of Fork Fight where this week’s winner will be pitted against Van Meter.

We also learned a little bit about Van Meter’s chef background in Paris and working across the globe at some of the finest restaurants. She also shared the fact she was entered in the 1972 Olympics pitted against one Olga Korbut.        Continue reading


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Chino Wins Another Round At Fork Fight


by Steven Doyle   photos by  Joey Stewart

As each bracket nears closer to the final entry, the Trinity Grove’s Fork Fight battle gets more and more heated. Last night proved to be one of the more exciting chapters in the history of the contest with Souk and Chino taking it to extremes on the plate.  Both Yasar Khalaf (Souk) and Uno (Chino) worked the crowd one final time as the crowd filled the space at 3015 Trinity Groves, first sipping hand crafted cocktails made by both teams, then finally settling in to a starter course.

The night rolled on and the servers continued to bring the many course, eight in total, to the sold out crowd. With the final fork count showing a decisive Chino win it was evident that the true victors were those dining, even with the team of belly dancers invited by Souk (smart play).   Continue reading

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Epicurious Emma Predictions For Tonight’s Fork Fight

emmaby Epicurious Emma

Each week Epicurious Emma sends us a video with reviews of her favorite restaurants. Today Emma sends us her predictions for the Fork Fight Battle in Trinity Groves. The event sold out a few days ago and should be an exciting night of fun, food and cocktails. Emma is also a regular on craveRADIO each Sunday from 4 to 6pm on 1190am.

Click away for the video predictions.    Continue reading

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Fork Fight Continues! Souk vs. Chino

fork fightby Steven Doyle

Yet another edition of Trinity Grove’s Fork Fight will be held at 7pm this Thursday at 3015, the seemingly go-to party venue for North Texas. We have a look at the menu, and list it below. I know we have discussed Trinity Groves extensively at craveDFW and on our radio program since we have one of the chef-owners Uno Immanivong on the program weekly. We feel that the Trinity Groves project is one of the most exciting things to happen in the Dallas restaurant scene in quite a while. The Fork Fight, which is the brainchild of Mark Brezenski, is a perfect way for you to actually meet the chefs and owners of each restaurant, and discover their cuisine so you can make informed decisions when these restaurants finally open their doors for business.

There are some tickets remaining for purchase at the sales website. Grab date and meet us this Thursday for what will be one of the more exciting matches so far as the chefs enter into round two of the bracket competition. Click here for tickets.

Remember, there are four courses per chef, and all are cocktail and wine paired. This makes the event a particularly great value.

I hear we may have Epicurious Emma send us a video with her pre-dinner predictions tomorrow, so watch for that. Jump for the menus.    Continue reading

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Epicurious Emma Wraps Up Round Four Of Fork Fight

emmaby Epicurious Emma

Epicurious Emma made it out to Trinity Grove’s Fork Fight last night and send us her video report to wrap up her findings. Look for more of Emma each week on craveDFW and a segment on craveRADIO 1190am from 4 to 6pm Sundays. Buy your tickets for next week’s battle between Chino and Souk in a round two knock down to see who moves ahead in the bracket.  Tickets have been limited and sell out each week, so grab yours now at the ticketing website. Jump for the video review:   Continue reading

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Fork Fight Recap: LUCK vs. Resto

DSC08989by Steven Doyle

Last night in Trinity Groves we experienced the latest chapter of Fork Fight. This is the bracket-style throw down between all the new restaurants that are soon to open in the area. Last night we enjoyed the hard fought battle between LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen) and Resto Gastro Bistro.

Each restaurant presented four courses and paired each of those with beer, wine and cocktails. On the Resto side of the bar they included a ringer in Eddie “Lucky” Campbell, who is known in circles to be one of the better barmen in Dallas. Last night the man did not disappoint as he concocted some tasty libations including a version of an Old Fashioned that was hard to resist.  Continue reading

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