HPISD Closes Cafeteria Until October And We Have Suggestions

childby Steven Doyle

Earlier today my friend who runs the whimsical Oh So Cynthia webby called out in terror when she received word that the Highland Park Middle School cafeteria would be shut down until October. This means thousands of Parkie moms will have to pay their housekeepers overtime to create a satisfying meal for their children to take to school.

Or you might look at a few suggestions from our staff.  



The Bento Box: The Bento box is the Japanese version of take-out that can be purchased virtually anywhere from train stations to convenient stores in Japan.   These compartmentalized boxes can be made of elaborate lacquered boxes or simply molded plastic. Japanese children are all too familiar with the Kyaraben version of the bento, where the mother would stylize the food to resemble cartoon characters, making this lunch beautiful to eat. It can become quite the competition, something that might prove to be attractive in Dallas. We might suggest the Versace boxes.

pizza hut

Pizza Deliveries: Area pizza concerns should step up their effort to create an environment that would be appealing to the children and make it an easy decision to order their food in a fast and  timely manner. We recommend Olivella’s, which is close to the school.


Artizone: Now your child can order their own food online and have it delivered right to the doorstep of the school. From the Meals Made Easy section your child can order fresh items such as Baked Ziti from Holy Ravioli, or Seafood Gumbo from TJ’s Seafood Market. Consider a baguette or two from Empire Baking Company, and Scardello cheese.  Remember, sharing is caring.


Jeeves: It might prove to be a hassle, but these are your children. Send your car and driver off to pick them up from school and make way to the drive through window.  The best choice would be to take them to Start, the innovative fast food restaurant that is healthy and has a drive through window.


Dive Coastal: Dive is notorious for delivering to the local swimming pool located just a few blocks away from the Snider Plaza location. They create  fabulous boxed lunches for your home or office that can be delivered. Why not the school?  Look for panko fried fish sticks, crudité, and PB and banana sandwiches. They could also order from the grown up side of the menu and make off with Del Mar tacos or Scottish salmon.



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6 responses to “HPISD Closes Cafeteria Until October And We Have Suggestions

  1. Brilliant suggestions! I might do some of these myself!

  2. Ba ha ha! A got a good laugh from your suggestions. As a man with no children – it is easy for you to mock my pain.

    • Cynthia, I have two children who I made many school lunches for. – Steven

      • Who knew!? I learn something new every day! And let me just add, that I WISH I had a housekeeper to pawn this task off on! It’s not so much the inconvenience of the task, as it is the complete terror that I am now responsible for making something delicious (that he will actually eat) that is also healthy. For someone who can barely boil water, this is a daunting task…

  3. MCB08

    Good suggestions. Also, lots of douche bag comments in this post

  4. Peggy

    Those are great suggestions but the school made it very clear that no food was allowed to be delivered. They are making it very difficult for us! Ha!

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