Want To Buy A Food Truck?

lucky duckyby Steven Doyle

Operating a restaurant can be a beating. A food truck can be just as difficult, especially in the extreme temperatures in Texas. Because of this we have seen more than a few food trucks fold under the pressure. It is not for everyone, but it looks exciting, doesn’t it?

We were recently sent word from Lucky Ducky Dogs that they are dropping out at the end of August and are selling off their operation for family reasons. I will let them speak for themselves:  

We’re hoping to sell our successful food truck business – Lucky Ducky Dogs. We’re having baby #2 in a few months, so dinner gigs are out, and to be successful food truck, have to be able to run dinners. So we’ve decided August is our Final Tour, ending with final run at Community Beer. Yum! Starting a food truck is hard, so we’re offering up the actual business, phone#, recipes, trade name, et cetera, this way the new owner doesn’t have to go through the 6+ months of being the new truck with nowhere to run.

If you are interested check out their website for all the details.


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