A Night Of Martinis and Madmen At Cool River

kk3by Kenny Kuczwaj

After all the great Vodka I sampled Saturday Night I was surprised I could write this article. A packed house in the ever spacious Cool River in Las Colinas sampled so many great vodka brands. Chef Rodman Sheilds provided passed appetizers to offset the onslaught of the free pouring vodka. Stuffed mushrooms, ahi bruschetta with pineapple, crab cakes and the best stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon I have had in a long time, complemented the interesting cocktails that were being served .

There were lots of familiar brands being poured like absolute, ultimate , Tito’s , Grey Goose , Svdeka ( being manned by my good buddy Todd from Constellation) and there were a few new brands to try as well.   


Jason Kosmas was in the house representing his new line of spirits from the 86 Company,  Aylesbury Duck Vodka. Jason made the drink of the show called an Amelia. Another Vodka I really liked was the smooth as silk Reyka direct from Iceland.

High Rise vodka had a cherry flavor that was super tasty and I also loved my good buddy Phil Chavis working Gavin Malouf’s  new brand called Zing . They had a red velvet Vodka that was outrageous

All in all it was a great event and I am sure Uber was in big demand.



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