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cradio4by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

If you missed craveRADIO this week you missed a lot of fun. Each Sunday the crew from craveDFW hits the airwaves on 1190am from 4 to 6pm and discusses a week of restaurants and fun events we hot during the week. The cast of characters includes Melissa Robert, Chef Uno Immanivong, Kenny Kuczwaj and myself, along with a few invited guests that includes top area chefs, restaurant owners and bartenders. We also speak to wine makers and brew masters.

This week we invited Chef Sharon Van Meter into the studio to discuss her projects at Trinity Groves that include her huge party venue, 3015, and the French restaurant that will be opening very soon, Beignet Bistro. We got the inside scoop on the menu at the Bistro and also chatted about the ultimate battle of Fork Fight where this week’s winner will be pitted against Van Meter.

We also learned a little bit about Van Meter’s chef background in Paris and working across the globe at some of the finest restaurants. She also shared the fact she was entered in the 1972 Olympics pitted against one Olga Korbut.       



Sometimes our guests bring guests, and this time it was Van Meter who brought along the owners of Amberjax, the seafood market and restaurant that will soon open in Trinity Groves. They are also competing this week against Chino Chinatown. That sold out event should be a lot of fun.



We also visited with a few barmen from The People’s Last Stand. We met with Alex Fletcher and Chris Dempsey who told us about a cocktail tour they are hosting this Thursday that certainly sounds exciting. People’s is known for their amazing classic cocktails, tiki drinks (now only once a month) and also fantastic bottled cocktails they make in house.

Check out the menu which includes a pretty damned good quail as well.

If you missed the show you are still good. Click the link below and hear it all. Be sure to tune in next week. We always have fun prizes and good things to eat and drink.

Listen here —>


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