BonChon Chicken Opening On Greenville Ave

bonchon-chickenby Steven Doyle

Press release of the day tells us about Bon Chon Chicken which just penned a 4,500-square-foot lease at the northeast corner of Greenville Avenue and Lovers Lane in Dallas. The first BonChon Chicken restaurant opened in 2002 in Busan, Korea. The first location in the USA was in Leonia, New Jersey. It later spread to California, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

Korean style fried chicken does not rely on blue cheese and celery sticks, or even biscuits and gravy. Instead expect cubes of pickled radish, beer and soju. 

Unlike its American counterpart Korean-style fried chicken is different, using Asian frying technique that squeezes out the fat in the skin, leaving thin, crisped translucent crust commonly referred as  paper-fried chicken.


In addition to chicken expect to find a slew of banchen, or Korean side dishes such as edamame, scallion pancake, potstickers and shumai, along with other familiar faces as main course items such as Bulgogi, Bibimbop and Japchae.

Happiness at Greenville Avenue and Lovers cannot arrive fast enough for  our lunch-sized appetite. No opening date was announced.


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  1. I have eaten at Bonchon in Manila several times. Interesting that their first location is in a mainly non Korean part of town.

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