Riondo ‘Blu’ Prosecco

IMG_2780by Andrew Chalk

Riondo ‘Blu’ Prosecco ($11) may be the bargain Prosecco of the season. Recall that Prosecco comes from a denominated region in north-eastern Italy and is made from the Prosecco grape (aka Glera). It is a dry sparkling wine and usually plays the role of either a half-price substitute for Champagne at celebrations or as a mixer in Bellinis and other cocktails. Blu is perfectly acceptable in either role. The nose has hints of mineral and citrus, the taste is predominantly green apple with stone fruit emerging as the wine warmed up in the glass. Weight is medium. Acid is medium-high. Good value for money.

HEB has just started carrying this wine, according to the importer so look for it at Central Market.

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  1. Thanks for your review, Andrew. However, Kroger is where Blu Prosecco is available in the Dallas and Ft Worth area at a price of $13.99. We stand corrected.
    Larry Wilding.

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