Austin’s Houndstooth Coffee Making Its Way To Dallas

houndstoothby Mark Demming

Austin-based coffee shop Houndstooth is finally set to open in Spring 2014 on Henderson Avenue. Houndstooth Coffee announced last year that it would open a shop in Dallas at a different location but has since decided that the Henderson spot was better suited for the café.

“Henderson has developed a wonderfully supported food, beverage & retail scene here in Dallas. We’re excited to watch the pattern of coffee and people weave into the vibrant cultural fabric here,” said owner of Houndstooth Coffee, Sean Henry. “We can’t wait until the new year when we begin weaving moments between coffees, guests and baristas.”

It’s been a big year for Henry who not only opened his second Austin location earlier in 2013 but also his own roastery and line of whole bean coffees, TWEED, which is also based in Dallas.  

Henderson Ave. is also going through some updates. A soon-to-be dining and drinking destination, the area is to be chock full of restaurants, bakeries and bars, including Annie’s Culinary Creations and Gemma, a restaurant from Stephen Rogers and Allison Yoder, formerly of Press in Napa Valley.


Henry opened his first location in 2010 in the Rosedale neighborhood in Central Austin, stemming from his interest in the culture of coffee shops. Henry hopes to bring a unique approach to coffee drinking to Dallas, making tasting, hospitality and the art of conversation all part of the experience. Houndstooth proudly sticks to a commitment of excellence as a multi-roaster coffee shop, with a carefully curated coffee selection, including the likes of Counter Culture Coffee, Madcap Coffee and TWEED. At least two espresso options and three brewed-by-the-cup coffees are offered on any given day, rotating based on stock, taste and season. Houndstooth also provides a select few pastries, such as muffins and croissants, perfect for a morning snack paired alongside a cup of Joe. Henry has also curated a small but craft beer and wine list for those seeking a different kind of buzz.

What makes Houndstooth different from other coffee shops are the baristas and the ordering experience. All professionally trained, each barista guides every guest through the order process. First assisting on the perfect coffee drink, followed by the perfect roast matched to each customer’s taste preferences. Each cup is made with care and pride, a superior coffee beverage that is signature to Houndstooth.

Houndstooth engaged RAD to focus on designing an environment that weaves moments within the pattern of coffee and people. These experiences will range from the coffee fanatic who wants to be educated about the process – to regulars stocking up on their energy boost for the day.

“Because Houndstooth focuses on excellence and consistency, we are going to reflect that in the design itself,” said Andrew Sturm, Creative Director of RAD, “We’re working on the flow to make sure the environment is as rich and enjoyable as the coffee. It will be crisp and clean with bold accent colors and natural features. Because of the physical location of the shop, natural light is very important which will cause Houndstooth to have a different character from day to night.

Houndstooth Coffee strives to be an authority in excellent coffee by providing handcrafted coffee beverages made by trained baristas, while educating guests on the nuances of coffee from bean to brew. Houndstooth’s Dallas location will be at 1900 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX 75206. Stay up to date on the building progress at their website.


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